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I left the house, headed for work. | Or should I say work headed for me.

Once upon a time there was a mouse named Molly and she only liked things that started with the letter "M". | She hated things that started with the letter "N", so you could imagine how much she hated her neighbor, a mouse named Nigel. But Nigel loved Molly. | Nigel often thought of Molly whenever he was depressed. Her smile and her caring ways were what drew Nigel to Molly. He had asked her several times to marry him, but she always said no.

one day, a dog escaped his yard. | This dog decided to travel the world.

Mickey had just finished eating the rice. Now it was time for biscuits and he knew just where to find them. | Mickey threw on a jacket, hopped on his 3-speed bike and pedaled madly to Aunt Fay's house. He made a quick stop to pick some tigerlilies, her favorite flower. Turning into her driveway, the scent of warm biscuits wafted to Mickey's nose. He drooled.

In Persia, the sages tell a tale of a young fish who embarks on a journey across the sea. | The fish's name was Bernice and she was the color of the sea. The other brightly colored fish in her pod would laugh at her (when they could see here) and call her Blue Bernice, or Bernice the Plain. | One day Bernice was fed up with all the other fish making fun of her... so she decided to get her revenge.

It was something about Hitler that caught my eye. Maybe it was that sexy moustache. And his confidence. Yes, confidence has always been my weakness. I got weak in the knees and I knew he was the one for me ... unless | ... "UNLESS WHAT!" yelled out Hitler to one of his generals thus interrupting my thought. What a satin voice he had. I had to do it... I just couldn't resist him anymore. I stood up and walked towards him...

It was seven a.m. on a Friday morning when the Lucky Leprechaun Salon opened their doors and their first customer walked in. Her name was Poco Loco she was ready for a new 'do. | The staff of the Lucky Leprechaun had never seen a chupacabra before and they surely hadn't given one a 'do, so they were understandably perturbed. As they screamed and jumped out the window, Poco wept for the injustice

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away there lived a princess. | She was alone, waiting for no-one but only for the whispers of the past.

Somebody, make it stop. The twirling and the twisting and the spinning- it's agonizing- I feel lightheaded, almost as if I don't exist, and I feel sick. | This is the last time I let my boyfriend drag me to a yo-yo competition.

Hi. My name is Joe and I work in a button factory. It has been four years since my last confession. The button factory has me down and the dark secret there has never before been told.

It was 26 months since the world ended. King Barney is now ensconced in his throne room with his ugly, toothy wife - surrounded by his ruthless and endless horde of giant, mutant teletubbies."I Love You", the world anthem, blares out from everywhere.

This was a triumph... I'm making a note here:"HUGE SUCCESS"... It's hard to overstate my satisfaction...

You re about to experience everything

Jeremy was try to remain calm, but it was hard considering he could suddenly talk to dogs.

'Don't watch the sun go down, watch the earth come up' my mother said.

I was more than annoyed when my weather radio jolted me awake at 2:55 a.m. for the third time. I pounded the shrill device with my fist, silencing it once again.

There was once a little toad named Tommy Toodles.

Fireman Jason Brant looked up, wincing as the flames sent searing pain through his burned face. his vision was blurry and he was certain he had been blown deaf in one ear.

There is a cat in house.

"Two years ago, I never thought about collaborative fiction. Now I've taken part in an experiment, I can not foresee where it will lead me." That's what he told me 3 weeks ago. He died yesterday. I have to find out what happened...

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Once there was a beaver who built himself an elaborate underwater house of sticks and logs.

There once was a man from Nantucket

When the world as we know it crumbles apart and no one is there to pick up the pieces, a hero will rise up. A new kind of hero. And one night in a mysterious part of town, that hero stepped forth from the dark alleys. And that man called himself

"Ahh, we made it! We are tonight's enter-tainment. I only have one question; Where is Harvey Dent?" At precisely that moment, the screen went dark

Why not make a change and move to the country? Stella decided to skip her wedding and go for it.

It was a dark and stormy night.

The sun was high above her as she wandered further into the forest. If she could find the cabin, for tonight she would at least be safe from it, or at least whatever it was.

Marnie again woke with a absolute certainly that someone had just pounded on her apartment door. Her eyes locked onto the alarm clock next to her and she lay frozen, waiting for confirmation of her worst fears.

There once was a robot

"See now, Alex, this is why you'll never best me, ooki!" Monkey chirps, toying with his signature weapon in his hand. "Everything you does goes wrong... Kikikiii, whose fault do ya think that is?" Everything was going according to plan, as long as...

"POP" Another Pimple fell prey to the wrath of the pinch.

"POP" Another Pimple fell prey to the wrath of the pinch.

A small, knowing smile played at the corner of her lips as she heard the familiar opening chords of his song.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kate. Kate was smart. She was brave. She was 11 years old, and she was a detective.

In a world with not justice a paladin awoke with a start to discover that his sword was gone.

"This actually isnt all that uncomfortable" he thought as he looked around the tree. He looked over his head, through the leaves and he could see the wheelchair wedged another fifteen feet higher and slightly to his left.

It was a dark and cheerful night

once in a world too far away...

The day started like many others. It was dark. It was cold. I wanted the day to be over already. Typical day.

I woke up that morning the same way I always did. It was dark. It was cold. I wished the day was over already. Typical day.

We had fog for ten days straight. Every morning I would go outside, and I almost couldn't find my car. Forecasters said it was due to a low pressure system moving through. But I knew differently. There was something more sinister coming this way.

Barely conscious, I fumbled the alarm clock and hit "snooze." My husband groaned and I closed my eyes. No time passed until I heard the alarm go off again, as I opened my eyes, I noticed my husband staring at me coldly. "good morning, honey."

Once upon a time, there was a girl who needed to get to work.

The dragon was black as coal and just as cold.

It was a cold rainy night, the kind that hot coco was made for.

There once was a lion named Roar. He left his pride in 1983 to pursue a career in mane insurance. He had no luck. Nowadays, he makes his living organizing suburbanites' closets.

The package arrived at 4 o'clock on the dot, just as he had told her it would. She had spent the morning in agony, still unsure of what she should do. She would lose all credibility if anyone ever found out, but at this point, she was desperate.

On a lonely battlefield, a lone rabbit had wandered too far from his rabbit hole.

One day I was delaying writing a paper. Then I found this website...