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kjhjl fds fd fdafda fdfdaf fdefa dfd fafdffdafdf | Those were the words typed out currently on my screen. The deadline for this poem was tomorrow, and in a last ditch attempt to ascertain if there was indeed a God, I had rolled my head across the keyboard to see what would appear.

It was a typical day in Maui, if anything is typical in that paradisiacal part of the world. Chris was on his way to work when he saw, emerging on the horizon, a... | dragon... Ah, so majestic, scales glinting in the sunlight and tail skimming the sea foam... wait. Wait, no, what the actual... That's a dragon. An actual real-life dragon. How! That's not a thing, oh good Lord, what do I do!

There I was, sitting on the top of the Chrysler building with my trumpet. | Such a proud moment. The photographer was awfully difficult to convince to take the picture I was holding, but the money had been worth it for a memory like this to show my kids.

One day, I got on the bus. | The dreariness of the wrecked old machine weighed on me. | I was 70% sure there was a body on the back seats, there was chewing gum stuck to all the stop buttons, it made a creaking sound like the chassis might splinter if someone said something mean to it, and the driver was impervious to any kind of joy.

I left the house, headed for work. | Or should I say work headed for me. | I am a professional monster fighter. Many monsters hunt me down in order to become famous among their kind, or to avenge their defeated kin. I didn't expect a green cyclops to know where I lived. | Heard him yell out his challenge, "Get out here monster fighter. I want to pick your bones clean." I grabbed my MMA gloves and prepared to rumble. | The deep growl I'd heard turned out to be deceptive when it came to the monster's true power. I was able to stop his single punch with my hand, and delivered a hard blow to his face. He knew now how weak he was, and turned into smoke on the wind.

This is a story about a wandering ghost called Megi. Megi is a lost soul from centuries ago always on the move, wandering around looking for misheivious thing to do. One day Megi aproaches a teenage he see's reading a old torn book under a tree. | What Megi did not see was that it was a book on Ghost Hunting. Hunting ghosts to send them back where they should be. Not that the living would know where souls actually need to go, but who is anyone to tell the human race they're wrong.

I looked back over my shoulder still hearing footsteps behind me I kicked over a paint bucket someone had shit in and I was at the end of the hallway then so I flew down the stairs fast as I could. I landed hard on the side of my foot, heard it pop. | The pain sent sprawling on the concrete floor. It was wet from the dozens of people who had shuffled through the hall not two minutes ago. The door to the outside was so close, but the sound of running in combat boots may be closer.

I woke up in a hospital | with zombie staring down at me. He looked me and said, "Hello sir! About time, you woke up. You've missed all the fun." He then offered me a cup with something hot. "Hot tea sir!" | To say I was confuse. Would be understatement. My speech pattern bad. Even in head. Was this the onset of zombie virus? I heard so much about.

Hello, my name is David | David is my name. I live in a field in Yorkshire, where I hunt wild game.

There once was a man from Nantuckett, who was embarrased about being the actual first line of a dirty Limmerick | His wife was a blond that hated all the bimbo jokes. | They also met in a bar, run by a Scotsman, the man with an Irish friend, and the woman with an English friend. The coincidence was funny at first, but by now they had to wonder if there was some sort of cosmic joke being played out.

At the end of the alley, Maeve stopped running, and glanced over her shoulder to see if the wombat was still chasing her. | Catching her breath, she gazed far and saw no sign of any wombats, until suddenly she was rushed with an army of wombats.

fda fdk'fds afs ' frgekgfew bgvfegirkfjngd | James looked at his chat screen. "God fammit."

He was going to buy this house. He HAD to. It was the cheapest residence one could get, and what's more it was very inviting. Who cared about the rumors? It was all unfounded garbage anyways.

It was seven a.m. on a Friday morning when the Lucky Leprechaun Salon opened their doors and their first customer walked in. Her name was Poco Loco she was ready for a new 'do. | The staff of the Lucky Leprechaun had never seen a chupacabra before and they surely hadn't given one a 'do, so they were understandably perturbed. As they screamed and jumped out the window, Poco wept for the injustice | But Poco's despair soon turned to anger. Filled with rage, she knew what she had to do. She had to destroy every hair salon in the world.

I don't know where I am, and nothing worries me. I am wondering if I'm going mad or if I may be dreaming. I don't care how it ends, but I feel some sort of fire burning in my feets.. Everything seems to be out of it's place but I still fine.

Every time I try to continue a story that someone else started, it won't submit. | Finally, I learned the truth behind the submit button. It was controlled by alien beavers. These beavers also wanted my cotton candy. Praise the mighty beaver! | The Beaver Debugger however helps here. Any problems with beavers will vanish in thin air.

I climbed up onto the hulking mass and stuck it in. | The spear went in up to the end where I held it but probably did little damage after all stab wounds do little damage to goop monsters. I shudder to think what detritus goppled by the goop it was that my spear struck at its center. | "Well, excuse me!" the mass of jello exclaimed. "Where are your manners?" | "Well excuse me, amorphous blob!" I retorted. | I've come to get a sample of your ugh... Goo... Or whatever it is that you excrete by the order of my king in the name of science for monster hunting! Yes you are, and the boy takes a sample and manages to evade the blobs attack hurries back home.

Katie went to the store to get a gallon of milk. On her way she ran into an old friend from high school, Chelsea. | Chelsea though shouldn't have been alive. She had died in a car accident eons ago. Katie dropped her milk and ran for home. Chelsea trailing behind her. | Katie made it home five minutes later, ran up two flights of stairs to her apartment and looked the door. She looked out the door peephole and saw nothing. Feeling relieved she turned around and sat on her couch to calm down, when suddenly ,

Jeremy was try to remain calm, but it was hard considering he could suddenly talk to dogs. | Not wanting anything to do with these talking dogs, Jeremy tried his very best not to be near any dogs. But a few days later he found a injured stray dog on the road, and couldn't bare to see it in pain, so he picked it up and brought it home.

It was a dark and stormy night.... | Aaron sat staring out the window in the cold

There once was a man from Nantucket | who had a big, hungry cat.

It was a dark and stormy night...somewhere. But here it was a bright, sunny day. Grant was inside intently practicing his cello. He had a concert coming up, and it would decide whether or not he would move to first chair. First chair, next to Jane. | His beloved Jane..surely a curious name for a fifthyseven years old bold guy playing a filthy double bass. Surely he was attractive in some way, surely in a way Grant could not resist.

This was a triumph... I'm making a note here:"HUGE SUCCESS"... It's hard to overstate my satisfaction... | That was before the first bombs flew out from under the clouds. We all looked back. "No they couldn't have!" shouted an onlooker. A loud ominous voice rang out from behind the crowd "Oh but I have!" Everyone turns to see....

Once upon a time in a magical land | far, far away. There lived a rabbit, named Nijn

The sound of wind whistling through the tree branches was broken by the sudden snap of a twig as a figure in a torn wool coat raced stealthily away from the sharp glare of searchlights piercing through the trees in blue-white beams. | The figure knelt down. His sharp ears perked as the sound of something whirring came crashing into the peace of the forest. He knew what he had to do.

Life is a long hard road, especially in a demon-filled apocalypse.

It started with an error screen. | Then I had to scream and flail my arms about. This wasn't good, after all, I do work at a nuclear power plant.

Once there was a beaver who built himself an elaborate underwater house of sticks and logs. | This house was to keep out the aliens. You see he'd also lined it with tinfoil. It was known to be deadly to aliens.

December in Florida, how i love thee. it is 80 degrees outside. There is a stinch in the air every time i turn my head to look over my shoulder. | It is the stinch of dead seagulls and fish filets.

There is a cat in house. | There is also a turtle, but we don't talk about him.

The dragon was black as coal and just as cold. | It spread its wings out, its shadow looming over the man below. He drew up his magic shotgun and fired at the beast.

My first and second arrests were not exactly shocking, but I must admit I didn't see the third one coming. | I was asleep when the police came to arrest me.

When the world as we know it crumbles apart and no one is there to pick up the pieces, a hero will rise up. A new kind of hero. And one night in a mysterious part of town, that hero stepped forth from the dark alleys. And that man called himself | Georg, son of Edgar. And he was a large man, of little hair and even less humor. His body was a mountain and his eyes were made of fire. His skin was of burnt umber and his soul of darkness. He came whether the world wanted him or not- he was death..

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kate. Kate was smart. She was brave. She was 11 years old, and she was a detective. | She didn't need more than a magnifying glass and a beret borrowed from her granddad's closet to be the best detective on the block. The only problem was, she had no cases.

Mermaid country was appearing. James and I were near Water Bay, FL. " "Britt," James said, " What if we catch a real mermaid?". I laughed while I twirled my blond-brown hair. When we got there, suddenly something dragged me down. | I felt depressed & miserable, as if I had just lost my favorite comb. The Propasinec (TM) I was taking daily wasn't working very well.

You re about to experience everything | Everytime you die, you will go through your life all over again, but you will be able to do something differently. How would you like to undo your mistakes and rectify your regrets?

one day, a dog escaped his yard. | This dog decided to travel the world. | He first found himself in Egypt, where he observed the Sphinx. He noticed that the Sphinx didn't have a nose. Turning to the nearest person, he said, "Excuse me, do you know why the Sphinx doesn't have a nose?" | "Well, a long time ago some soldiers were shooting at it, and they hit the nose and fell off," he said, "I hear some guy named Hassan Avdol took it and made it into his house!" "Well then, I'm going to visit Hassan Avdol!" the dog said.

I met a guy named Mike | , a tall and thin figure, looking mediocre in that fancy glass.

"See now, Alex, this is why you'll never best me, ooki!" Monkey chirps, toying with his signature weapon in his hand. "Everything you does goes wrong... Kikikiii, whose fault do ya think that is?" Everything was going according to plan, as long as... | Alex still had that curse placed upon him by the Master. Monkey knew that Alex was stronger than him, even while Monkey had his nunchaku, so he manipulated Alex into challenging the Master to battle, knowing that the Master would curse him.

Once upon a time there was a mouse named Molly and she only liked things that started with the letter "M". | She hated things that started with the letter "N", so you could imagine how much she hated her neighbor, a mouse named Nigel. But Nigel loved Molly. | Nigel often thought of Molly whenever he was depressed. Her smile and her caring ways were what drew Nigel to Molly. He had asked her several times to marry him, but she always said no.

Mickey had just finished eating the rice. Now it was time for biscuits and he knew just where to find them. | Mickey threw on a jacket, hopped on his 3-speed bike and pedaled madly to Aunt Fay's house. He made a quick stop to pick some tigerlilies, her favorite flower. Turning into her driveway, the scent of warm biscuits wafted to Mickey's nose. He drooled.

In Persia, the sages tell a tale of a young fish who embarks on a journey across the sea. | The fish's name was Bernice and she was the color of the sea. The other brightly colored fish in her pod would laugh at her (when they could see here) and call her Blue Bernice, or Bernice the Plain. | One day Bernice was fed up with all the other fish making fun of her... so she decided to get her revenge.

It was something about Hitler that caught my eye. Maybe it was that sexy moustache. And his confidence. Yes, confidence has always been my weakness. I got weak in the knees and I knew he was the one for me ... unless | ... "UNLESS WHAT!" yelled out Hitler to one of his generals thus interrupting my thought. What a satin voice he had. I had to do it... I just couldn't resist him anymore. I stood up and walked towards him...

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away there lived a princess. | She was alone, waiting for no-one but only for the whispers of the past.

Somebody, make it stop. The twirling and the twisting and the spinning- it's agonizing- I feel lightheaded, almost as if I don't exist, and I feel sick. | This is the last time I let my boyfriend drag me to a yo-yo competition.

Hi. My name is Joe and I work in a button factory. It has been four years since my last confession. The button factory has me down and the dark secret there has never before been told.

It was 26 months since the world ended. King Barney is now ensconced in his throne room with his ugly, toothy wife - surrounded by his ruthless and endless horde of giant, mutant teletubbies."I Love You", the world anthem, blares out from everywhere.

'Don't watch the sun go down, watch the earth come up' my mother said.

I was more than annoyed when my weather radio jolted me awake at 2:55 a.m. for the third time. I pounded the shrill device with my fist, silencing it once again.

There was once a little toad named Tommy Toodles.