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George Farmer had never had much luck with fishing. He was the smallest of the Farmer boys, and had never had much luck with anything. From an early age he | had tried his hand at several trades. He remembered the lemonade stand fiasco, when he had accidentally poisoned the neighbors kind enough to buy his "Farm-a-rific Ade." | And how was he to know that cars were not to be scrubbed with bleach? They looked the same as the bathtub to him, and his mother had always scrubbed that thoroughly with bleach and ammonia, until the day she up and died from a mysterious illness. He | suddenly noticed that while no fish were biting his fishing line, hundreds of them began floating to the surface of the lake. George wondered | if maybe he hadn't disposed of that "Farm-a-rific Ade" properly. Suddenly, a hulking shape rose from the middle of the lake. "Mom?" said George. The shape


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