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"Gentlemen, start your engines!" Bernie thought as he sat idling at the light, driving carpool for the fourth time that week. | "On second thought, don't bother. You'll just end up in the same rut." | Frank snorted from the back seat, his stocky mustache twitched. "Yeah, another stunt like that, and we'll end up in the ditch," Added Flynn, looking warily at the trees whizzing past the passenger side window. He instinctively gripped his suitcase. | "Hey, why you so protective of that thing, Flynn?" questioned Bernie. "Ain't like you got a million big ones or anything to tote around." | "Nope," said Flynn, "just the lost amulet of Amnu'kt -- one of the fallen Elder Beings from beyond the Astral Plane." An atmosphere of awkward silence came over the men before Bernie asked, "It's a million big ones, isn't it?" Flynn smirked, "Yep."


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