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"And so it comes to this," thought Smoky the Bear as he readied the flamethrower. | "I never thought I would get rid of all the yous." Hmm, you he though, why not I. He wasn't one of them, wasnt human. Affirmative action never worked right. He would never be able to put his kids through college with all the underbrush that burned. | "Oh well," Smokey sighed, putting down the flamethrower. "I guess Dr. Feldbergenstien was right that I should be taking my meds. What was I even blabbering about anyway?" But as Smokey turned to leave the forest, | He noticed a small campfire in the distance. Was that a girl scout troupe? A series of girls, in identical green outfits, were all roasting identical marshmellows. Smokey peered closer. Unfortunately for him, at that moment, the scout leader | Unfortunately for him, at that moment, the scout leader turned in the direction of Smoky the bear, clutching a shotgun underneath one of her armpits. The shotgun happened to be pointed at Smoky, not directly but in the direction of, and Smoky lunged


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