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Ka-Anor, last of great Dream Guardians, surveyed his crumbling realm. The walls of reality were growing thin indeed, and it wouldn't be much longer before his world merged with the Prime Material and was lost forever. "Well," he thought, "its time | for me to move to a new place -- one with fewer capital letters and with more creatures of some sort. Anyone at all would be nice. I am so very lonely here." Later Ka-Anor would regret his wish, when | he chose a small retirement community in Miami, Florida. | Although he was no longer subjected to the possible incursion of Prime Material, he was subjected to a lot of boring chit chat about the sub-prime market. He had not researched his new home prior to moving, and was shocked to discover that Miami | was in fact a digital world created by the controller of Prime Material Moe. She appeared before him smirking "Oh how I have watched you my little Dream Guardian having fun?You know all I wanted was to be your lover yet you resisted?"


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