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"I'll show them how much," thought Woody the woodchuck with no small trace of morbid amusement. He hefted the 20-ton log in his hand and prepared to throw it at | a nearby group of campers, who had been taunting him with that senseless rhyme for hours. Had they never observed nature before? The fools! | Just as Woody mustered up his courage to throw the log, he realized that he didn't have hands, and if he did, he wouldn't be able to hold a 20-ton log. So just like the coyote only falls when he realizes he's run off the cliff, | his eyes grew large in his head, and then stayed where they were as the rest of him was crushed deep into the ground by the end of a 20-ton log. Luckily, | the campers noticed the massive crater that once was their campsite, and they learned to never again waste time with fruitless hypothetical questions.


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