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"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!" insisted Wally the milkshake. Of course, he was unaware | that Daniel Plainview stood near the doorway, casually tossing a bowling ball from hand to hand. He had a twinkle of anger or maybe greed in his eyes. At any rate, he wasn't the kind of "boy" Wally was hoping for. | Despite only being 12, Wally had endured a few milkshake-induced throw downs in the past. However, this time | he was certain that his new strawberry flavor would be more enticing than the banana split he had tried earlier in the week. What he didn't know was that Daniel Plainview had | an allergy to strawberries, and a penchant for squashing things with bowling balls. Wally hummed tunelessly to himself as Daniel Plainview


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