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There was once a boy with a penchant for petulance. His name was Billy King, and one day he was going to be a stand-up comedian. Or at least he'd always thought. Until one day when he stepped out onto a busy road and lost his legs. | Billy was for awhile stumped for an answer to that question he always asked; "What is it I'm meant to do here?" Then one day Billy went to find the answer. He took to the streets on his stumps and went out into the world, constantly looking upwards. | One day, while studying a shape in the clouds that resembled a squirrel with a large eel clamped to it's back, he fell down a manhole. It was then that he realised his entire philosophy of always 'looking up' was flawed. | "Kick man! Kick!" A man shouted at Billy as he thrashed in the water at the bottom of the manhole. Billy glared up at him and continued to tread water the best he could. | Which was not very good at all, but having phantom leg pain, Billy did not know this. The green sludge of the manhole devoured him, and he found himself in a large pink helmet on top of a man's head.


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