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Langley was known for his chocolate chip cookies. The residents of Bookerville all whispered about the "secret recipe" he claimed he had rescued from | the lost city of Atlantis. Langley was also rumored to have acquired large quantities of canned tuna in some sort of shady deal gone bad some years back. Whatever the truth was, it could not be denied that the cookies had a strange power of those | tunas. The odor was the same, anyway. People around Bookerville just could not get enough of those cookies. "Langley, share the secret with us! For we also wish to make chocolate chip cookies that taste of tuna!" Langely simply smiled, and said " | no, you greedy bastards, retrieve your own fishy delights." The neighborhood searched far and wide, finally coming upon a box of Dixie Drumsticks in a biscuit. Mistaking them for fish biscuits, they | devoured them. Then they all keeled over in an acute case of Dixie Drumstick poisoning. Nothing could be done. However,


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